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An image of a hockey rink with the words "Love in the Game" written in red overlaying the rink.

Love in the Game

Growing up, Gabriella Sanchez had the perfect life. She had the best of friends, she went to a good school, and she had great parents. That was, until her father, the captain of an NHL team, was murdered in front of her at a game. Along with losing her dad, she lost her love for hockey—something she shared and enjoyed with her father.


Now older, Gabriella attends college and works at her mother’s diner, going through the motions of daily life but still filled with grief. Her best friend convinces her to attend a hockey game, determined to bring back the old Gabriella.


Jeremy Duncan, the best rookie player in the NHL, is drawn to Gabriella as soon as he sees her in the stands. Once he learns of her past, he’s driven to revive her love in the game … and maybe win over her heart in the process.


Can Gabriella overcome the pain from her past to see all the beauty and love life has to offer in her future?

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