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Why choose Caitlin Goerlich to
speak at your event?

  • Caitlin speaks passionately with some humor about

            - her life and experiences,

               - adaptive sports,

               - disability,

               - books,

               - any subject the event might be for.

  • Caitlin has spoken at multiple events:

               - 4H; 

               - Each One Teach One;

               - Dare to Dream Student Leadership Conference;

               - Special Olympics Play Unified;

               - and with the DreaminOWLs.

  • Caitlin will work with you to figure out the perfect time limit of presentation and how many (ex: multiple class periods when speaking about school assemblies).


Image of Caitlin throwing javelin while sitting in her field chair with other people watching.

Starting at $100 / speech
(per 15 min)

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