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20% off first orders
10% off all orders for Nonprofits
10% off bundles

15% nonrefundable deposit along with signed contract



Will thoroughly go through every part of your website to ensure:

  • Links are working correctly,

  • There aren't any misspellings or grammatical errors,

  • It's user friendly,

  • The format works while using any device,

  • And more.

$250 – $1,500**

** Depends on size of site


Flyers & Brochures

Will review all parts of your flyers or brochures to make sure:

  • They're free of grammar and spelling mistakes,

  • The text and graphics are eye-catching & easy to read,

  • The purpose is understood,

  • And more.

$25 each


Social  Media Posts

Will look over your social media post(s) to make certain:

  • There is consistency,

  • Audience's understanding,

  • The correct link is attached,

  • The text and Image(s) work well together & is easy to read,

  • And more.

$25 each


Newsletters & Blogs

Will carefully go through your newsletters & blogs to make sure:

  • The layout is consistent and works on any device,

  • The text and images are eye-catching and easy to read,

  • The links are working correctly,

  • There aren't any grammatical and spelling mistakes,

  • And more.

$0.10 per word


Applications & Order Forms

Will take a good look at your order forms & applications to make certain:

  • They look professional,

  • They're free of grammatical errors and misspellings,

  • It gives the audience a good experience,

  • The questions & statements are under the correct order form or application,

  • And more. 

$25 each


Direct Mail & Emails

Will check all parts of your direct mail and emails to ensure:

  • Text and graphics are eye-catching and easy to read,

  • There aren't any spelling or grammatical errors,

  • It gains the customer's attention,

  • The purpose is clear and concise,

  • And more.

$25 each

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